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About JAC Portraits, Prints & Originals 

      Capture that special person or pet in your life in a pen and ink portrait. Portraits make a unique gift for anyone, including yourself. I work from photos to create a portrait you will cherish forever. Contact me to learn how I can create a work of very personal art for you!

      I create portraits of people and pets mostly in colored ink but I do portraits with black ink only if the customer prefers that. I try to capture the likeness and personality of each individual subject. 

       Under portfolio you will find people portraits , pet portraits and a comparison page that shows the likeness of my drawings to the photos of them. 

       The commission page tells you how to commission a portrait .   

 There's also a print page where you can order items with the artwork on them from Red Bubble .

        You will also find a contact page where you can contact me and an about me page that talks about my background and how I became interested in pen and ink art.

  • Unique Portraits and Fine Art

  • People Portraits

  • Pet Portraits

  • Pen and Ink - Colored and/or Black Ink

  • Pencil

  • Pen and Ink with Mixed Media

Pet Portraits

People Portraits

Fine Art

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