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About me

Artist's Statement

I was born and raised in Colorado and I love the mountains. When I return to Colorado from a trip, and see those mountains, I always know that I am home again. I have a daughter, April, who is sometimes the subject of my art.

I went to College at Colorado State University and have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. While in College, I took many Art History classes and I was exposed to the great works of the masters. I was fascinated, not by their paintings, but by their pen and ink drawings. Pen and ink drawings pose a challenge and I like a good challenge. They are something that many people don't do, which offers my customers another choice.

I like to combine pen and ink with other mediums like gouache, iridescent paint, colored pencil, chalk and whatever else I can think of. I also do paintings and other forms of drawings.

I try to catch the life and personality in portraits of people and animals. I do other subjects like detailed larger-than-life flowers and hats.

Thank you , Julie Ann Caldwell

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